The working principle of the drop type fuse

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The moving contacts at both ends of the fuse tube are fastened by the fuse (melt), and the upward moving contacts are pushed into the "duckbill" bulge

After the split, the upper static contact made of phosphor copper sheet is on the upper moving contact head, so the fuse tube is firmly stuck in the "duck mouth". When the short-circuit current is fused through the fuse, an arc is generated. The steel paper tube lined with the fuse tube generates a large amount of gas under the action of the arc. Because the upper end of the fuse tube is blocked, the gas is ejected to the lower end and the arc is blown out. Because the fuse is blown, the upper and lower moving contacts of the fuse tube lose the tying force of the fuse. Under the action of the gravity of the fuse tube and the spring plate of the upper and lower static contacts, the fuse tube falls rapidly, and the circuit is disconnected, and the faulty line or device is removed.

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